[I18NGR] μετάφραση του trunk

Dimitrios Glentadakis dglent at gmail.com
Tue Jan 5 10:51:33 EET 2010

Γειά σας παιδιά και καλή χρονιά

Πως θα μπορουσαμε να αποδοσουμε το trunk;

από την μετάφραση του KMess :

<h2>Hey you!</h2>\n
<p>You're using KMess from trunk... Did you know trunk already moved on to
2.1 and that you <b>should use the 2.0.x branch</b> if you want a stable
Live Messenger client?</p>\n
<p>If you really want to see pre-alpha 2.1 development, this dialog <b>will
annoy you for a long time</b>: a few weeks as a minimum.</p>\n
<p>See the last page in this wizard for more information.</p>


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