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Jimmy Angelakos vyruss at hellug.gr
Sat Dec 12 13:58:37 EET 2009

Manish, I am forwarding your question to our i18n mailing list, maybe
someone can help you there.


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From: Manish Sharma <mnshzz at gmail.com>
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Subject: Help Greek Transliteration on Linux
Date: Sat, 12 Dec 2009 09:34:54 +0530


I have been looking for some help which hopefully the Linux user group
in Greece can help on.

I am managing a project which involves feeds from a number of countries
globally, including Greece, some of the Source systems store data in
native character set (Greece, Turkey, Russia). The server where these
feeds come to is a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 environment.  The native
characters are transliterated into English on the Linux machine.

As part of the SIT, we have prepared txt files with data in native
characters (Greek, Turkish, etc) which we are uploading from Windows
environment to the Linux server, however the problem the testing team
faces is that the native characters are not uploaded correctly.

My guess is that this is a file transfer or settings issue, I am sure
that the Linux community in Greece would be able to shed some light as
this should be a routine activity and should not cause any problem.

I tried joining your user group to post this question but could not
register successfully. Appreciate if the experts in Greece could provide
an insight to this.



Manish Sharma



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