Greek question mark and english semicolon

Alexandros Diamantidis adia at
Sun Jan 23 14:29:46 EET 2005

* Dimitris Glezos [2005-01-20 19:20]:
> Thus, the rendering engine of the operating system may as well 
> substitute the 037E character with the 003B character, even if there is 
> a glyph available, since the two characters are canonically equivalent 
> as Vasilis said.

A rendering engine would be quite justified to do this, but one should
keep in mind that some characters that are canonically equivalent
according to Unicode have nonetheless different glyphs in many commonly
used fonts.

For example, · U+0387 GREEK ANO TELEIA is a canonical equivalent to
 U+00B7 MIDDLE DOT, but many fonts have the first a little higher than
the second. Some even have different shapes for the two dots...

Here they are next to each other: ··
Do they appear the same on your screen?

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