Greek question mark and english semicolon

Dimitris Glezos glezos at
Sun Jan 23 16:16:02 EET 2005

Alexandros Diamantidis wrote:

> Here they are next to each other: ··
> Do they appear the same on your screen?

Alexandre, try it with differnet fonts. By using Courier New and Lucida 
Console they look the same, but by using Monospace and Bitstream Vera 
they look differnet on Linux (at least on RH 9).

- RH 9, different.
- Mac OS XP, different.
- Windows XP, differnt.

I also tried it inside which uses its own font subsystem:

- Windows XP, OpenOffice, different.
- RH 9, Ximian OO.o, differnet.

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