Greek translation of 'Tux Paint'

Bill Kendrick nbs at
Sat Jan 4 01:09:17 EET 2003

Hello, my name is Bill Kendrick.
I've created an Open Source drawing program for young children called
"Tux Paint."  It's currently available for Linux/Unix, Windows and Mac OS X.

It's already been translated into nearly 20 languages.  I'd love for it
to be translated into more!

I've extracted one of the 100% complete gettext "PO" files out of Tux Paint
and cleared out all of the translations, and placed it online for people
to grab.  There are about 112 words and sentences which need translation:

It would also be great if the HTML for the documentation could be
translated as well.  (It's "docs/html/README.html" inside the Tux Paint

And a few pages of the website would be good to have translated, too:

I have an 'internationalization' mailing list, which is extremely low
traffic (almost none, lately, since there hasn't been a new release in a
few weeks due to holidays).

If someone from your translation team could help, please send them my way!

Thank you!

bill at

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