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Κρανά Παρασκευή krana at
Mon Jul 29 14:19:34 EEST 2002

I now that your time is very limited and I ask you
to asnwer this email only if it is no big trouble to you
In any other case please ignore it.

I write to you because I have reached a deadend.
I recently bought suse 8. I have installed everything (scanners, tv sound etc).
I can write greek everywhere.
My problem is printing. For text files I can print
using a2ps greek.

But when I try to print from staroffice 5.2 some greek characters
eg. gamma are missing. I can see them very well on screen
or preview but when I try to print instead of the characters 
a space is printed. I believe my problem is ghostscript but 
after spending days on internet and howtos, and after
six or seven reinstallations I can not figure out what is wrong.

The characters on the screen in staroffice are displayed perfectly, but
when I rebuild the afm's the distance between them is very bad.

Also from kedit, kwrite I can write but when I print either all 
the characters are missing or they are garbage.

Please help if you can

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