The Viagra of Web Promotion

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Fri Jun 27 05:38:44 EEST 2003

Good Day!

This is a fact! There isn't a single marketing program
on the Web that will make money for you without
Bulk Mail! Yet none of them have the courage to
tell you that, either before or after you spend your
hard-earned dollars joining their programs!

Instead, they waste your time submitting to search engines,
posting ads to Opt-in lists, surfing for hits, subscribing to
FFAs, and submitting classified ads!

It's no wonder everybody drifts from program to program!
They all tell you they will make you rich overnight, but that
night very quickly stretches into weeks and months. It is very
discouranging when nothing happens!  You ask yourself:
"WHY did it fail me? What went wrong? I did everything 
they told me to do!" 

And that is EXACTLY what went wrong!  You did what they told
you to do....instead of doing what you SHOULD have done:
send out thousands upon thousands of emails!

So, if you seriously want to make money in the internet,
you need to get our FR*EE new booklet. Send me an email to:
benandgina at

Put "DETAILS" in the Subject Box.
Best Regards,

We follow the US Unsolicited Electronic Mail act of 2000 and US directive 
passed in Bill 1618., Title III by the 105th US Congress, which contains
contact/removal information cannot be considered spam, which this email does.
For removal, please send an email to: benandgina at
Put "REMOVE" in the subject box.

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