HIDE FAT32 Partition

NIcolas Mouclas mouclas at hotmail.com
Tue May 14 19:45:01 EEST 2002

Loipon me to mount /dev/sda3  xwris tipota na exw kanei moy leei oti den
yparxei sto fstab h sto mtab.

kanontas fdisk /dev/sda
moy leei arxika :
"the number of cylidres for this disk is set to 7299.There is nothing wrong
with that but this
is larger than 1024 and could in certain set cause a problems.."
kai lei ti akribws problhmata...
meta kai afoy balw tis epiloges moy leei
" The partition table has been altered!
calling loct() to re-read partition table.
WARNING: Re-reading the partition table failed with error 16: device or
resource busy.The
kernel still uses the old table.
The new table will be used at the next reboot.
Syncing disks."

patwntas cfdisk 3ana blepw oti thn exei kanei unhide.
3anaprospa8w na kanw mount : mount /dev/sda3 kai pali moy leei to idio..
kanontas reboot einai pali ok to partition blepwntas to apo cfdisk.pali omws
mount den
3anampotarontas pali ta idia...
an twra mpotare se windows den blepei pali tipota...sto pm to exei
hidden...kai an 3anampotarw se linux to exei pali hide...

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