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Is this the same Dinos who went to Goldsmiths college?  If not, then sorry
to bother you.  If so, then how are you doing?

Neil Daley graduated recently, and so a few of us met up.  Titus, Neil,
Sarah and I met up in Bromley (where Neil & Sarah live now) for Tapas.  Bill
Jackson and his wife joined us.  James said he would come, but at the last
minute couldn't, as usual!!  Titus and Sandra have just had their first

We didn't know how to contact you to invite you.  During the evening we
talked about old times, so I thought I'd do a search on the internet for

Would be nice to keep in touch, in case we have any more reunions.

Solved the radio frequency problem yet?  I suppose I would have heard on the
news if you had!

Hope all is well.


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