[I18NGR] Fwd: GIMP 2.6.1 release ahead

Simos Xenitellis simos.lists at googlemail.com
Mon Oct 6 14:52:01 EEST 2008

Η μετάφραση του GIMP γίνεται από το ελληνικό έργο μετάφρασης του GNOME,

Τα αρχεία προς μετάφραση εμφανίζονται στη σελίδα

Για την πιθανή ανάληψη της μετάφρασης, ελάτε σε επικοινωνία πρώτα με το GNOME.gr


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From: Sven Neumann <sven at gimp.org>
Date: Mon, Oct 6, 2008 at 7:54 AM
Subject: GIMP 2.6.1 release ahead
To: gnome-i18n at gnome.org


just a short note to let you know that we will be releasing GIMP 2.6.1
from trunk in a few days, probably on Wednesday. Would be nice to see
some more translation updates for this stable release.

We are going to branch after this release, but we will continue to do
maintainance releases from the stable branch. So if your translation
updates doesn't make it into 2.6.1, your work will be in 2.6.2 or later
2.6.x release.


PS: Could someone perhaps remove the gimp-2-4 branch from the gimp
   module page on l10n.gnome.org? This branch is dead.

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