[I18NGR] Προβλήματα με εμφάνιση ψιλής και δασείας

Αλέξανδρος Διαμαντίδης adia at hellug.gr
Tue Dec 12 02:54:21 EET 2006

Πριν από λίγο καιρό (2006-10-12), είχα γράψει...

> Η σωστή λύση είναι η καταχώρηση δυο νέων συμβόλων, που να αντιστοιχούν
> στα νεκρά πλήκτρα της ψιλής και της δασείας. Αυτό δεν είναι αδύνατο,
> αρκεί κάποιος να ανοίξει ένα σχετικό bug στο Bugzilla του Freedesktop.org

Μόλις το έκανα...


> Some years ago, I hacked together an Xkb map and a Compose file for
> polytonic Greek. In addition to the other dead keys already defined, I
> needed two keysyms for dead psili/daseia (comma and reversed comma
> above). As these weren't defined, I abused dead_horn and dead_ogonek
> respectively, as they aren't used in Greek, and they are curvy
> diacritics. In the meantime, these quick-and-dirty files were reworked
> by others and added to the X distribution, and they generally work for
> most people today, but of course they're not The Right Thing.
> Is it possible to define two new keysyms for this functionality? For
> instance,
> #define XK_dead_abovecomma      0xfe64
> #define XK_dead_aboverevcomma   0xfe65
> (not sure if the names are good)
> I've seen discussions about problems caused by the current abuse of
> dead_horn and dead_ogonek, and a suggestion to use Unicode keysyms U0313
> COMMA ABOVE). This is not correct, either, since according to the X
> Window System Protocol, Appendix A (KEYSYM encoding)...
> > Dead keys, which place an accent on the next character entered, shall
> > be encoded as Function KEYSYMs, and not as the Unicode KEYSYM
> > corresponding to an equivalent combining character.
> Of course, after defining the new keysyms, dead_horn and dead_ogonek
> should be removed from all other places where they are used as psili and
> daseia (keyboard definitions, Compose files, input methods, libraries
> such as Gtk+). I don't think it'll be difficult, but it will take quite
> some time and of course backwards compatibility can be maintained in the
> meantime by having both the old and new definitions working. Better late
> than never...

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