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Γεώργιος Ε. Κυλάφας gkyla at central.ntua.gr
Sat May 15 15:03:58 EEST 2004

Στις Κυρ 09 Μαι 2004 23:00, ο/η Αλέξανδρος Διαμαντίδης έγραψε:
> In Greek, "font" is "γραμματοσειρά" and "forge" is "σιδηρουργείο"
> (meaning "blacksmith's workshop"). So, as a phrase, "Σιδηρουργείο
> γραμματοσειρών". Although it sounds a bit funny, maybe because it's so
> long.
> Now that I think it over a little, you could always go for a less exact
> translation.

Εγώ, πάλι, θα έλεγα ότι το "γραμματουργείο" είναι _πιο_ ακριβής μετάφραση από 
το "σιδηρουργείο γραμματοσειρών"!

> In Greek, "letter" is "γράμμα". The Greek translation of 
> "font" is "γραμματοσειρά", which literally means "letter series". As for
> "σιδηρουργείο", which I proposed for "forge", its literal meaning is
> "ironworks, place where iron is wrought". You could combine "γράμμα"
> with the "-ουργείο" ending giving "γραμματουργείο", meaning "a place
> where people work on letters". That's a made-up word, of course - I just
> checked Google, no hits - but I think anyone who knows Greek would
> understand it. It's pronounced grama-tour-GHEE-oh.

Εμπνευσμένη μετάφραση, πραγματικά. Συμφωνώ απολύτως.

Γεώργιος Ε. Κυλάφας

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