Tux Paint stamp translations - UTF-8 support :^)

nbs nbs at sonic.net
Thu Jan 30 00:59:16 EET 2003

Hi there.  I'm sorry for mailing everyone individually...
I'm not sure how many of you had ever subscribed to the 'tuxpaint-i18n'
mailing list (or '-stamps' or '-dev'), so I wanted to make sure I contacted
everyone. [*]

I just released Tux Paint 0.9.8, and wanted to let everyone who has helped
translate know that it now supports UTF-8 encoding in the Rubber Stamp
description files.  (Those ".txt" files that correspond to the ".pngs")

So now, they can look something like this:

  Here is the description in English
  de=Deutsch goes here.
  es=¡En español!
  ja.utf8=...[utf-8 code representing japanese characters]...

This should help some of you translate the stamps, if you feel like
spending some time on it. ;^)  (Hint, hint!)

BTW, if any of you that I'm e-mailing no longer have time to help out
translating Tux Paint, please let me know and I'll try to remember not
to bug you in the future. :^)

Thanks so much!  Tux Paint 0.9.8 and the new stamps (with Japanese!) are
online here:


They've even already been built for Windows, in case you want to show it
to your friends. :^)


Take care, and thanks again for all of your help in the past!

bill at newbreedsoftware.com

[*] BTW, tuxpaint-i18n is _extremely_ low traffic, so if you feel like it,
    please subscribe!


(Your address: i18ngr at lists.hellug.gr )

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