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Nikos Charonitakis frolix68 at yahoo.gr
Fri Jan 17 03:42:09 EET 2003

------- Additional Comment #10 From Owen Taylor on 2003-01-16 16:04 -------

Note on the offtopic part:

(monotonic) Greek will work fine if you have the fonts.

The common set of free TrueType Greek fonts is:

  - Rather low quality outlines
  - Named using trademarked names
  - Of questionable origin

So it's not really shippable. I have some plans to convert the
OmegaSerifGreek font we ship as part of TeX into a usable form.

The FreeFront project (http://savannah.nongnu.org/download/freefont/)
includes Greek, you might want to install that. (There are some format
issues that make it undesirable for inclusion in Red Hat.)
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