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Tue Feb 18 17:55:04 EET 2003

Το παρακάτω νομίζω είναι ότι χρειαζόταν:

Mailman 2.1.1 release announcement

[ ... ]

2.1.1 (08-Feb-2003)

    Lots of bug fixes and language updates.  Also:

    - Closed a cross-site scripting vulnerability in the user options page.

    - Restore the ability to control which headers show up in messages
      included in plaintext and MIME digests.  See the variables

    - Messages included in the plaintext digests are now sent through
      the scrubber to remove (and archive) attachments.  Otherwise,
      attachments would screw up plaintext digests.  MIME digests
      include the attachments inline.

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