***TRANSLATORS*** dia translations are generally out of date

Cyrille Chepelov cyrille at chepelov.org
Sat May 25 20:04:18 EEST 2002

Hello all,

This mail is being sent to the result of 

     grep Language-Team *.po | sed -e 's/^.*[<]//' -e 's/[>].*$//g'

in addition to the dia-list.

We are about to make a new release, 0.90, very shortly. This release will
have many new features, which means many new translatable strings. Also,
many strings previously hard to find and translate have been folded back
into the usual PO translation system, which means even more strings to
translate if you never forayed out of your $LCID.po file.

While updating the French translation, I've noticed that the recent 
changes brought *a lot* of fuzzy and outright incorrect translations. I
suspect this can happen in other languages. The result can render the
software unusable, because of things like completely out of whack menu 
entries (this is mostly a case of gettext misguessing things).

Here's the current core translation report (includes sheets), automatically
generated at the end of dia's build process:

*** PO/core/gettext translation report: ***
(Absence of a language code means 0% translation for that language)
(Help for translations (and/or much more) is of course welcome !)
(A star after a language's statistics means that the translation file isn't
 up to date with the POT (original messages) file)

az: 95%(1230/1287)     it: 73%(941/1287)      sl: 95%(1234/1287)   
ca: 74%(963/1287)      ja: 75%(973/1287)      sv: 98%(1262/1287)   
da: 94%(1216/1287)     ko: 50%(654/1287)      tr: 86%(1107/1287)   
de: 82%(1063/1287)     nl: 79%(1025/1287)     uk: 72%(930/1287)    
el: 64%(826/1287)      nn: 84%(1088/1287)     vi: 74%(955/1287)    
en_GB:  1%(22/1287)    no: 95%(1229/1287)     zh_CN: 61%(795/1287) 
es: 95%(1234/1287)     pl: 91%(1177/1287)     zh_TW: 74%(962/1287) 
fi: 73%(948/1287)      pt_BR: 95%(1232/1287)                       
fr:100%(1287/1287)     pt: 98%(1266/1287)                          
ga: 18%(234/1287)      ru: 78%(1009/1287)                          
hu: 68%(881/1287)      sk: 94%(1212/1287)                          

And the overall sheet translation report:

I: OVERALL: az:97%     ca:1%      da:92%     de:2%      el:1%      es:97%    
I:          fi:1%      fr:100%    hu:19%     it:1%      ja:33%     nl:50%    
I:          nn:48%     no:88%     pl:80%     pt:98%     pt_BR:89%  ru:30%    
I:          sk:83%     sl:89%     sv:98%     tr:13%     uk:1%      vi:65%    
I:          zh_CN:1%   zh_TW:36% 

Anything less than 100% above means the users of dia in your native language 
will still see English strings all over the place.

(yeah, I cheated. I updated POTFILES.in just before updating fr.po, just
before putting out this e-mail; that's why fr is the only with 100%. Kudos
to all teams over 95% !)

Best regards,

	-- Cyrille


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