Translating GSview into Greek

Russell Lang gsview at
Thu Jul 12 10:43:12 EEST 2001


I am the author of GSview, a PostScript previewer based on 
Ghostscript.  The Linux version of GSview uses Gtk++.
I do not understand Greek.  I am not subscribed to this mailing list.

Someone is translating GSview into Greek for Windows.
With a little bit of extra work, I hope the Linux version can
also be made to work in Greek.

Could someone please assist me in the steps necessary to make
a Gtk program run in Greek?  You don't need to do the actual 

What I need to know is how to specify that the text is in Greek (ISO-
8859-7) not the default ISO-Latin1, and any other localisation issues
that need to be considered.  I will compile GSview with the Greek 
translation, but I will not be able to test it.

Russell Lang                   gsview at
Ghostgum Software Pty Ltd

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