[l10n-dev] Multilingual builds of win32 oo641b now ready for downloading.

Simos Xenitellis simos74 at gmx.net
Fri Dec 21 20:51:22 EET 2001

	Thank you for your work.

	I downloaded and tried to install the Greek version of OO for

	I created screenshots of the installation procedure for the mentioned
language, located at

	Here are my comments
1) The font chosen by the setup application (at least on my system) is
not a suitable one. The font size is quite large and specific letters
(those with accents) are from a different font family. Please refer to
the screenshots.
I am CC:ing this e-mail to the Greek I18N mailling list for further

My system: RedHat 7.1 (i386), XFree86 (Rawhide), with TT fonts.

2) In specific textboxes (please check screenshots), a Greek
(iso-8859-7) font is probably not found and an unsuitable iso-8859-1
font is used. Thus, extended characters from iso-8859-1 are shown
instead of Greek.

3) The file "libsyssh.so" is not found in the installation distribution.
(I continued with "Ignore" to get more screenshots).
Probably due to the lack of libsyssh.so, OpenOffice coredumps when being

Thanks again for your work and we are willing to do testing for the
better intergration of Greek in Open Office.

Greek I18n Team 

Την Παρ, 2001-12-21 στις 06:23, ο/η H.Z έγραψε: 
> Hi, guys
> Just updated today, oo641b all localization win32 builds ready for download and run for a test.
> All localization builds installation ok and running well only got problem with Greek version.
> Enjoy your locale version at office.qkaka.com!
> Wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!
> Readme.txt file included:
> "
> OO641b Localization Builds
> Directory:
> 	1.normal:		oo641b installation directory.
> 	2.player/normal:	oo641b player installation directory.
> Change:
> 	1.Copy readme.html to license.html
> 	2.RTF codepage patch from CVS
> Status:
> 	All localization builds installation ok.
> 	Greek version fail to startup on tl641mi.dll.
> 	English Italian Korea Russian Spanish version popup error on quickstart exiting.
> 	German and Portuguese version quickstart not autostartup.
> 				2001/12/18
> 				OpenOffice.org mirror @ office.qkaka.com
> 				http://whiteboard.openoffice.org/mirrors/
> "
>  Regards.
>  H.Z
>  zhanh at 21cn.com
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