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Join Us in the Third Annual Desktop Linux Survey
-- Linux Foundation Desktop Linux Workgroup

Have your say on what desktop Linux really needs! Please Join us in the
Third Annual Desktop Linux Survey, at:


The survey will take only few minutes of your time, and your feedback is
essential in helping us to focus our development efforts and accelerate
the global adoption of Linux desktops and clients. For example, past
surveys highlighted the need to address printing and wireless issues, so
we set up focused workgroups and conferences to help developers and
vendors work out common solutions to these requirements.

To encourage broad participation by companies, institutions, and
individuals throughout the world, this year's survey is available in
Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

The survey is open from October 17 through November 30, 2007. Survey
results will be made publicly available shortly after the close.

Thank you,

John Cherry
Linux Foundation
Desktop Linux Workgroup

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