ubuntu GR for ESF in Athens? URGENT

Simos Xenitellis simosx at gmail.com
Wed May 3 21:03:46 EEST 2006

Hi All,

It's great you all got in contact.

As you will be meeting lots of people from different countries, here
are again some facts about Greek localisation. These would be useful
to attract the attention of the Greek audience.
There are some technical issues that we are still addressing, however
overall it's not bad.

1. Ubuntu 5.10 comes with Greek support, that is Greek writing
support, Greek fonts and Greek user interface.
2. The Ubuntu 5.10 installation CD will allow you to write in Greek
and display text in Greek (like web pages or Greek text).
3. To install the Greek interface (like GNOME or KDE), you need
additional packages; you need to have an internet connection. The
files are about 40MB, which means that it is more comfortable for
users to do this from broadband.
4. The Ubuntu 5.10 installation CD comes with the MgOpen
(http://www.ellak.gr/fonts/mgopen/) Greek fonts. These were donated
from a local Greek company, Magenta, and come with a FLOSS license.
One of the fonts supports Ancient Greek (Polytonic) which is cool. If
you want to impress with Ancient Greek, there is a OpenDocument file
with the Holly Bible, at http://simos.info/blog/?p=454
(direct link to file:
5. If you demonstrate the Greek of Ubuntu 5.10, you can enable writing
support with
http://www.gnome.gr/writing/ (Requires Flash) or
6. There are some problems with OOo and the Greek version that are
fixed in Dapper.

There is more work for Ubuntu 6.06 and Greek support, so when it gets
available all issues are sorted out. The current beta version of
Ubuntu fixes all these issues with the Greek support. You may want to
use that for demonstration.

Have fun at ESF,

On 5/3/06, julien at apo33.org <julien at apo33.org> wrote:
> HI Spiros,
> I find the links today!
> I know Richard and see him today!
> It's great to have the LUG here!!
> I particpated in MemoCrealab, near the press center, we set some
> debates, also ones on free software & copyleft tomorrow, thursdat the
> 4th at 1 pm (13h) at Memocrealab, we will recorded and send it over the
> web (ogg/theora)... people from the LUG & friends, are really welcome
> to join us, please forward that to people interested... but now I feel
> better, if you say you gonna do some presentations, give CDs...etc
> Also we organise workshop on servers, free software on the 4th also
> (tomorrow again) at 4pm (16h), if some of you want to come also, you
> are welcome!
> and we also organise on friday the 5th at 4pm (16h) workshop on
> streaming audio/video & APODIO http://www.apodio.org (the distribution
> we developped)
> see you soon
> julien
> >
> >> will you come to ESF? is the Hellinic group will have a stand or
> >> something, they could maybe join the crealab to present the lug?
> >
> > Dear Julien,
> >
> > The Hellenic Linux Users Group is helping with the tech stuff of the
> > ESF.  We've been setting up an LTSP lab at the press center till 03:00
> > today actually! There's still some work to do, our LUG's chairman,
> > Richard Kweskin, along with a very active member of ours, Christos Nikas,
> > are right now on site fine tuning the last of the technical stuff (just
> > spoke to them over the phone and they're doing the leased line thing
> > since no Wireless Metropolitan colleagues are there at the time). We've
> > set up an RTSP server to be used for the audio streaming of presentations
> > and discussions as well as their translations.
> >
> > We've also issued a press release and a members "call to arms" and we'll
> > have a strong presence in the Forum. Though we won't have a stand in the
> > hanger or in the field, you can find us at the Press Center doing our
> > last minute troubleshooting and seeing that everything works smoothly.
> > (Personally I'll be there later on since there are some minor thing to
> > attend to but you can always find someone with a yellow "hellug" tag at
> > the Press Center or in the nearby area).
> >
> > We have some CDs to give (mostly Ubuntu 5.10 on CD, Knoppix DVDs and some
> > Knoppel CDs, leftovers from previous events) - we might even organise some
> > training or short presentations if the PC usage permits it.
> >
> >
> > See you there,
> >
> > For the Hellug board,
> >
> > Spiros D. Bolis
> > Vice-chairman
> >

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