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Παιδεύομαι με αυτό, και αν ξέρει κάποιος "ΒΟΗΘΕΙΑ"!

Well hello again, and thank you for your immediate reply!

My matrix is like this:
                                player B 
                         a     b     c
               A     4,3     2,7     0,4
player A   B     5,5     5,-1     -4,-2

So my problem is "How do I start to read it?"
1) Should I say ok, let's see what are the moves of B on the best 
occasion from A?
 And then let's see if the move of A is what B chose. So we have an 
2) Ok, let's see how Player A moves.
3) No, I will choose B.
But *who's call is to start?* Ok, my teacher will say - :-) I expect - 
who will move, but is there a rule?

What I read, is that player B, has a potential of earning a 7. Why my 
teacher chose 5,5 instead?
I am a selfish crazy guy who wants it all... ;-) If I choose 7 that 
means if player A chooses B I'll get -1, right? so is it better to check 
out solution of column A, because there I will loose less?
If you follow me, I bet you do as this much be stupid questions for 
you...I read about articles on the net, but because of the /colors/ I 
understand that player B choices are to be seen from columns, and player 
A from rows right?
But when I want to check out the possibilities, do I check only row and 
columns as best tactic?
*I bet this will freak you out...*
For example: player A, wants A or B strategies, so...4>2 and >0 or 
"strategy A< strategy B" because 5>5>-4 ?!?!?

PERSONALLY: What I see is that A should choose the strategy B, just 
because player B will choose the b too, for the 7. So A will have 5, and 
he will destroy B if minus would be something bad. Aren't the players 
selfish, or not? *OR* he could choose strategy A because B will choose 
again b, so he would like to have some profits despite the 7 of the B. ( 
In my country it is said, better 5 in the hand than 10 and wait, which 
means get what you can now, or tomorrow you may not take nothing at all 
). But again isn't it about who makes the call ?

Well this is a small torment of mine...Laugh is acceptable ;-) But in 
any case please help me!
*OH!* If I change the [row,col]  ( 5,-1 ) to ( 5,5 ), alters the 

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