Microsoft to Open up Office Formats

Spiros Bolis sbolis at
Wed Nov 23 16:42:37 EET 2005

PARIS . Nov. 22, 2005 . Microsoft Corp. today announced it will take
steps to offer the file format technology behind billions of documents
to customers and the industry as an international standard. is opening up access to its Office file formats to competitors,
as part of a move to ensure the software giant does not lose lucrative
government markets for its Office software

Within about 18 months, customers, competitors and developers should be
able to download detailed files from Ecma on how to create a Microsoft
Word, Powerpoint or Excel document.


Fainetai pws h Komision einai stenos korses gia th Microsoft. (Oxi oti
den exei dika ths plana gia na patentarei ena XML extention wste na mhn
borei na to xrhsimopoiei allos)

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