Windows better than Linux????

che ch94088 at
Fri Apr 7 02:43:16 EEST 2000

I have a Diamond Stelth 3D 2000 video card and NOKIA 447F monitor. I work at
100Hz Refresh rate (1024x768, 16bpp) in Windows 98. However, I can't go
further that 85Hz in Linux (SuSE 6.3). I am looking for the appropriate
modeline that gives me 100Hz!! I cannot believe that my hardware works
correctly ONLY in Bill Gate's OS!! It must works in LINUX too! Could you
help me? Please don't tell me about the "Video Timings HOW TO". I have read
it! It is difficult for me to understand what says. By the way, how I can
calculate the monitor bandwidh?
Matssssssssss-moutsssssssssss..... :-)

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