George Papamichelakis step at
Fri Nov 13 19:41:47 EET 1998

Elpizo auto na voithaei:

The first entry will be visible to the user who is just installing
(SuSE)Linux. After choosing a language, the second entry is used to choose
the right keybord, since keyboards look somewhat different in different
countries. Re-Choosing the keyboard later on in the installationprocess
will be possible.
The third entry is used to choose the font needed to display the different
languages. For some historical reasons, that are only 256 characters
available at one time. (All the ones that know that under some conditions
512 at one time are possible, please be silent now ;-) ) These 256
are called font, and a font is not large enough to keep English, Cyrillic
and Greek charakters at the same time. Therefor the font has to be
The forth entry is used to change some runtime options of programs, e.g.
"date" kann output "monday" in greek.
The fifth entry (screenmap) has something to do with the order of the
character position in a font. 
And last, the unicodemap: Unicodefonts have 2^16 symbols. The
unicodemapping table maps some of the 2^16 to the 2^8 representable
characters. This is needed if one uses an application that outputs unicode


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