Problimata prospa8ontas na ksekinisi to squid

sibas ppap sibas11 at
Mon Sep 29 15:14:40 EEST 2003

Geia sas
8elontas na proxoriso stin ekam8isi tou linux
peira apo ena filo to suse8.2, dokimazontas to squid apo tin ekdosi tou suse
eixa problimata kai etsi to diegrapsa kai ebala to squid-2.5.STABLE4.
Afou peiramatistika me to squid.conf kai bazontas sto

cache_effective_user nobody
cache_effective_group nogroup

me tin entoli

/usr/local/squid/sbin/squid -z

perno to eksis munima

FATAL: Failed to make swap directory /usr/local/squid/var/cache: (13) 
Permission denied

etsi eipa na kano oti leei sto FAG kai sto A User's Guide

etsi ksekinisa na dhmiourgo users kai groups opo leei parakato

[For the maximum flexibility in allowing root and non-root users to 
manipulate the Squid configuration, you should make both a new user and two 
new groups, specifically for the Squid system, rather than using the nobody 
and nogroup IDs. Throughout this book we assume that you have done so, and 
that a group and a user have been created, (both called squid) and a second 
admin group, called squidadm. The squid user's primary group should be 
squid, and the user's home directory should be /usr/local/squid (the default 
squid software install destination).]

omos sto suse den mou epitrepi na balo user me onoma squid

kapoia pliroforia gia to ti prepei na kano
sas euxaristo

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