ppp-on scripts and logs

timepasser timepasser at nxmail.gr
Sun Jun 29 18:51:03 EEST 2003

Mias kai mou zitisate kai ola ta logs sas dino ta parakato:

Jun 29 18:45:07 localhost su(pam_unix)[3052]: session opened for user 
root by hyper(uid=500)
Jun 29 18:45:57 localhost kernel: CSLIP: code copyright 1989 Regents of 
the University of California
Jun 29 18:45:57 localhost kernel: PPP generic driver version 2.4.2
Jun 29 18:45:57 localhost pppd[3084]: pppd 2.4.1 started by root, uid 0
Jun 29 18:45:58 localhost pppd[3084]: Connect script failed
Jun 29 18:45:59 localhost pppd[3084]: Exit.

Ksanastelno kai to ppp-on me foobared se account kai password ( to'xo 
pei alla to ksanaleo...gia eunoitous logous) :)

# Script to initiate a ppp connection. This is the first part of the
# pair of scripts. This is not a secure pair of scripts as the codes
# are visible with the 'ps' command.  However, it is simple.
# These are the parameters. Change as needed.
TELEPHONE=8962555555    # The telephone number for the connection
ACCOUNT=foobared     # The account name for logon (as in 'George Burns')
PASSWORD=foobared   # The password for this account (and 'Gracie Allen')
LOCAL_IP=        # Local IP address if known. Dynamic =
REMOTE_IP=       # Remote IP address if desired. Normally
NETMASK=   # The proper netmask if needed
# Export them so that they will be available at 'ppp-on-dialer' time.
# This is the location of the script which dials the phone and logs
# in.  Please use the absolute file name as the $PATH variable is not
# used on the connect option.  (To do so on a 'root' account would be
# a security hole so don't ask.)
# Initiate the connection
# I put most of the common options on this command. Please, don't
# forget the 'lock' option or some programs such as mgetty will not
# work. The asyncmap and escape will permit the PPP link to work with
# a telnet or rlogin connection. You are welcome to make any changes
# as desired. Don't use the 'defaultroute' option if you currently
# have a default route to an ethernet gateway.
exec /usr/sbin/pppd debug lock modem crtscts /dev/ttyS1 57600 \
         asyncmap 20A0000 escape FF kdebug 0 $LOCAL_IP:$REMOTE_IP \
         noipdefault netmask $NETMASK defaultroute connect $DIALER_SCRIPT

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