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?????????? ?? ????? ????? ?? Ximian Desktop 2 (XD2)
?????????? ??? Nat Friedman ??? OS News

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Openoffice(fontconfig,gtk,cups intergation ???)
-????? ???? ???  ?? ?D2 ???????????? ?? agfa fonts ???? ?? ????? ??? 
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*8. What changes have you made to OpenOffice.org when compared to its 
vanilla version?*

<http://img.osnews.com/img/3705/xd4.jpg> /Nat Friedman:/ We've done 
about six months of heavy development on OOo, all focused on improving 
consistency across the desktop and compatibility with Microsoft documents.

We don't _want_ to have any delta against the upstream OOo tree, so 
we're going to be working to get all of those changes upstream now that 
this release is done.

Here's a dump of some of the key new features in our OOo:

    - ~1,000 new alpha-blended icons that are aesthetically consistent
    with the rest of the desktop. We use large icon mode by default. We
    also have some other new art in some of the wizards and of course
    the splash (which no longer makes your desktop unusable while each
    application starts up).

    - Shares the Gtk theme elements ("theme chameleoning"). Uses
    fontconfig, AA fonts everywhere in the UI now.

    - Mapping of MSFT document fonts to Agfa fonts (which XD2 includes).

    Also, our artists drew a whole new font just to handle the bullet
    mappings (which aren't fully covered by Agfa's fonts).

    - GNOME-VFS integration so you can open any files the VFS can get
    to. This includes files on SMB and NFS shares. We even handle the
    authentication for these shares (Michael Meeks redid the
    authentication layer in OOo), so you get prompted if the share is
    password protected.

    - Nice CUPS printing integration so you get the same printer list in
    OOo you get everywhere else in the desktop.

    - Support for the recent files spec so that System->Recent Files
    reflects the documents you've opened in OOo.

    - Uses MSFT file formats by default, reflecting the reality of most
    of the documents you will receive. No longer tells you you're about
    to lose all your data when you save in an MSFT format.

    - Removed the non-redistributable GPC library, replaced it with
    libart so that we can ship OOo with better support for importing
    PowerPoint presentations.

    - Integrates nicely with Galeon and Evolution. OOo HEAD actually
    does Evolution addresbook mailmerge, which we're looking forward to.

    - Includes a number of foreign-language dictionaries.

    - We've also done some performance tweaks and fixed a number of
    customer-reported bugs. Our turnaround time on fixes for document
    importing issues is actually averaging 24-48 hours, which is pretty

That's a quick summary; we have nearly 100 patches against OOo. Check 
out the .src.rpm for the full list :-).
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