AL-OBEIDE FAEEK MAJED faeekmajed_al at albawaba.com
Thu May 29 08:35:25 EEST 2003

Dear Sir\Madam,

I know this indications will come to you as a surprise
because i have never met you nor have conversation
with you but i believe it doesn't matter to who we
are. And I apologized for using this medium to reach
you for a transaction/business of this magnitude, 
and i am sorry to inconvinence you by indicating and
disclosing my business faith to you. I am Mr Faeek
Majed Al-Obeidi, Bank Manager, Chairman / General
Manager Rasheed Bank in baghdad Iraq. I am contacting
you with the awareness and the acknowledgement of the
involved parties. I  humbly plead for your candid
understanding in a business matter, which will be of
immense benefit to both of us. 
I have to believe you when i search and browsed your
profile as a member of your organisation.
However, i have the confident and faith to believe
that you can accomandate me with the business matter
that i am about disclosing to you and the trust i am
about to lay on you. I am a pure Iraqi's and i would
want you to consider my appeal to you. due to
Confidentiality and prompt access reposed on this
medium. In unfolding this proposal, I want to count on
you, as a respected and honest person to handle this
transaction with sincerity, trust and confidentiality.
which your responsibilities obviously indicated your
capability to handle such a business matter basing on
your office and business experience.
My branch was raided by members of the Republican
forces as they were fleeing Baghdad. and got my deputy
Mr. Muhamed .K, killed during the process as he failed
to produce the keys to the strong finance room on

After their sudden disappearance we decided to take
advantage of that ample opportunity to over invoice
the total sum raided from the bank as well as we help
ourselves by package a sufficient total sum to our
private pause. I and some of my colleagues who are
involved in this deal have agreed to sort you a
certain percentage as you help us in recieving the
fund either of online banking or to your norminated
I assure you that my partners have agreed to give you
25% of the total sum provided you can give us a very
strong assurance and guarantee that our share would be
secured and please always remember to treat this
matter with the utmost confidentiality, as any form of
exposure would compromise our positions in banking
We packaged this huge sum of money in a trunc box
deposited in a Diplomatic / Finance Inc Dubai. this
deal had urgently been shipped to United Arab Emirate
Dubai, where we had already arranged with a security
Inc Dubai. We successully done that by using the
influence and licence of United Nations Red Cross
Society which are presently in charge of the aid and
support in Iraq.
However, after the raided a report was passed to the
board of director of my bank and every suspicious
belive where disputed as we 

where not found quilty, presently the tention of
quilty has died down that is why we can contact you
hopefully for assistance, to help pull out the funds
out from the Diplomatic/Finance Inc Dubai. 
However, i want you to keep strictly confidential as i
am still the manager of the bank to secure linkage and
disclosure. Urgently get to back me if this
indications interest and benefit you.send to me your
contacts details.
Yours Faithfully,
Mr Faeek Majed Al-Obeidi.
Bank Manager Rasheed Bank Iraq.
P.O.Box: 11227 Baghdad
faeekmajed_al at yahoo.co.uk
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