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> DOREAN (toulaxiston i paroxi tou software) kai telika odigoumaste se 
> xespitoma kai anergia mia megali omadas SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT

Η απάντηση έρχεται από το 1998.

As more and more people are choosing Free Software to address their
needs, I'm sure some software companies will try to demonize GNU/Linux
and both the Free Software and the Open Source movements because they
are losing their own market share. Such companies will probably try to
demonstrate that IT employment is decreasing and that humankind is being
damaged by the general adoption of Free Software. 
For example, I and others wrote a program for a local physiology center
to analyze data for a typical kind of experiment. During two years of
use, the physicians found so many ways to enhance the program that it is
now reported as better than the commercial solutions. The total of all
fees they paid during these years reveals the program to be more
expensive in the end than some of the commercial alternatives. This fact
is not relevant to my clients, as they have exactly what they want and
they know they can have more should the need arise. The program is
obviously Free Software and other centers expressed interest in getting
a copy.
In short, I see no need for software companies to keep exclusive rights
on their products; the support environment is big enough to offer good
business positions in Information Technologies. Those who want to be at
the top could use some of the revenue to pay for Free Software
development, thus gaining access to the best software before anyone else
and associating their name with software products. As a matter of fact,
this practice is already pursued by the big distributions.

Εν ολίγοις τα χρήματα που κανονικά θα έδινε ένας οργανισμός για άδειες
χρήσης μπορεί να τα δώσει για υποστήριξη και παραμετροποίηση ενός free

Είναι υπεραπλούστευση αλλά για να γίνει σαφές, οι software developers
πχ. της adobe θα μπορούν να παρέχουν support σε εταιρίες που κάνουν
χρήση του gimp.

Serafeim Zanikolas

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