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It is with trust and confidence that I make this urgent important 
proposal to you in 
view of the fact that you are trust worthy 
and reliable.  Currently I have a business that I think would be of 
interest to 
you and your company. 

I am the Western District Bank Manager of  UNION BANK 
of Nigeria PLC.  However, there is an account opened in 
the bank in 1993 and since 1998, no body has operated this account 
again. After careful 
investigation, I discovered that the owner of this 
account was the president of ARC CONSTRUCTION COMPANY  LTD, a 
foreigner who died in 1998.  the account has no 
beneficiary at present and investigation and proved 
that this company does not know anything about the 
account,  the total amount is US$25. 5 (Twenty five 
Point Five Million United States Dollars Only). 

In light of the above fact, I need your assistance to 
handle this transaction with you,thereby providing 
your bank account or any account of your choice where 
this fund will be remitted.  Your assistance as a 
foreigner is necessary because the management is ready 
to welcome anybody preferably a foreigner who has the 
correct information of the account which I will give 
you immediately, if you are capable to conclude this 
transaction with me. 

Now that the management of the bank has ordered that 
all dormant account will be frozen. On the strength of 
this order, I wish to make advantage of this situation 
and present your company as beneficiary and get it 
transferred to your designated account.  Be informed 
that all documents related to this transaction will be 
destroyed immediately after the transfer, since every 
arrangement to transfer this fund to any account you 
will provide has been concluded. 

Furthermore, no receiving your positive response, I 
will apply for annual leave for our fact to face 
meeting in your country for the sharing.  I will give 
you 20f the total fund for your assistance though 
the percentage is negotiable and I will not contact 
any other person until I am convinced that you are not 

I will like to have your phone and fax number for easy 

Best regards, 

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