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Mon Apr 28 11:53:53 EEST 2003


Dear Sir,
I am Dr Frank Uzor, the Branch manager of Union Bank
of Nigeria  Plc, Marina  Branch Lagos, and I have
the mandate of some of the Directors of the Bank  to
look for a reliable and trust worthy foreigner  that
will assist us in the transfer of US$26Million into
his foreign account.  Source of the Fund:  In the past
Board of Directors meetings, this  amount had been
found floating  in the companys account resulting in
an excess profit of US$26Million,this  has caused a
delay in declaring the companys  (Bank) bi-annual
balance sheet  to shareholders, and since this amount
has not been  made known to the management and 
shareholders of the bank, Directors decided to employ
the services of an  account auditor who is a
son-in-law to one of the directors.  Who in the 
cause of investigation, discovered it is an  unclaimed
contract fund of a foreign contractor, who was paid
through our bank. This findings arose the interest
of my colleagues, who through further investigation
discovered that the contractor was (MR. REGINARD TUNER
a Briton) who died in one of the ADC  plane crash some
years back. Every effort have been  made to contact
his relations and next of keen to kin.   Sequel to
this, my colleagues concluded that it will be unwise
if this  amount is declared to the public and be
shared among shareholders of the Bank.  

Rather in view of this  I was mandated to  look for a
foreigner who will assume the next of keen of the dead
contractor (MR.  REGINARD TURNER) and provide us with
an account number that will hold the said amount to 
enable us transfer the amount into the foreigners
account in the foreigners  name and banking
particulars for our mutual benefits. 

This on conclusion would be shared among us. My
colleagues have agreed to give you 15% of the  amount
for your assistance while the remaining 85% will be
left for us to share.  Please be adviced that this
business must be made very confidential, and its
urgency demands your immediate response upon the
receipt of this letter to enable us furnish you with
the full details of what to do, so that the  transfer
process will commence immediately. Feel free to ask
questions  where you are not cleared. 

Looking forward for your immediate response through my
e-mail address above or altanatively
frank_uzor at or YOU CAN REACH ME ON MY PRIVATE TELEPHONE NUMBER-234-8042137980.
Best regards,

Dr. Frank Uzor

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