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On Wed, 2004-03-03 at 19:00, Vasilis Vasaitis wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 03, 2004 at 03:50:57PM +0200, Christos Ricudis wrote:
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> > To FTP+TLS/SSL apo thn allh pleyra einai - h 8a eprepe na einai - h
> > standard me8odos gia na kaneis ayto poy 8eleis. Clear design, client
> > independent (to lftp einai me apostash o kalyteros ftp client poy
> > exw dei, kai yposthrizei SSL/TLS), oso mporei protocol independent,
> > exeis na epilekseis metaksy arketwn implementations, ktl. An ola
> > ayta sou fainontai asteia, kane ena
>   Επειδή με ενδιαφέρει το θέμα... από client για FTP+TLS/SSL τι
> γίνεται; Εντάξει, το ότι το υποστηρίζει το lftp είναι ένα πολύ καλό
> πρώτο βήμα, άλλωστε είναι ο αγαπημένος μου ftp client εδώ και χρόνια.
> Για windows όμως, υπάρχει κάτι;
>   Ρωτάω επειδή σκέφτομαι να κόψω το plaintext ftp στο hal για τους
> λογαριασμούς των χρηστών (όχι για το ανώνυμο ftp), αλλά θα πρέπει να
> έχω και κάτι να προτείνω, του στυλ «βάλτε αυτό το πρόγραμμα και θα
> είστε εντάξει». Ιδέες;
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> Vasilis Vasaitis
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Iparxoune polla kai freeware, protino to smartftp giati to exw dokimasi
kai einai polu kalo.
cut/paste apo to website tou pureftpd
* IglooFTP Pro (Windows, Linux)

  SSL/TLS is automatically detected and works when
Encrypt is set to "Commands [if possible], Transfers [if possible]".

* FlashFXP (Windows)
  SSL/TLS works. In the "Quick connect" dialog box, pick the "SSL"
tab and :
 - enable Auth TLS
 - disable Secure File Listing
 - disable Secure File Transfers

* SDI FTP (Windows)
  SSL/TLS works. In the "Connection" tab, just pick "SSL Support:

* LFTP (Unix, MacOS X)
  SSL/TLS is automatically detected and works out of the box.

* FTPTLS (OpenBSD, possibly other Unices as well)
  This is the OpenBSD's default FTP client with TLS support merged in.
  It perfectly works with Pure-FTPd with no special tuning.

* Glub Tech Secure FTP Client (at least Unix, MacOS X and Windows)

  SSL/TLS is automatically detected and works out of the box.

The following clients are _not_ compatible with Pure-FTPd's TLS :

* WS_FTP Pro 8

  Only the old authentication scheme (AUTH SSL) seems to be implemented,
recommended one (AUTH TLS) is missing.
  Workaround: none.
* FTP Voyager 9

  No support for AUTH TLS.
cut/paste end


Taleporoume me ta cert's pou prepei na dimiourgiso, den boresa na vrw
ena howto sxetiko me to proftpd, to documentation pou exei einai eleino.
Entometaksi kapou diavasa oti boro an xrisimopiisa ta idia certs me
opiodipote allo programa trexei sto sistima mou. Prospathisa me auta tou
postfix alla pernei to ejis lathos

Mar 04 00:15:44 mod_tls/2.0.6[2231]: using default OpenSSL verification
locations (see $SSL_CERT_DIR)
Mar 04 00:15:44 mod_tls/2.0.6[2231]: error:
'/etc/ssl/private/proftpd.cert.pem': error:0906D06C:PEM
routines:PEM_read_bio:no start line

Den exw ksanapeksi me ssl+otidipote kai vrika to topic pio complicated
aposo nomiza. An borei kapios na me diafwtisi tha eimouna eugnomwn.


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