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Tue Mar 19 23:16:00 EET 2002

In article <mailman.1016550245.15263.linux-greek-users at>, Steve Stavropoulos wrote:
>  As me sygxwresoun oi developers tou systran, alla me ena kalo le3iko
> mporw na ftia3w poly kalyterh mhxanh aytomaths metafrashs apo aytous.
> (Aytoi bebaia den exoun OUTE KAN ena kalo le3iko.)
>  Pantws exei pragmatika gelio to systran. Einai san aytous tous ka8reftes
> pou tous koitas kai blepeis ton eayto sou paramorfwmeno.

Ektos apo ta texnika keimena, sta opoia pragmatika to systrans deixnei ton 
kalytero toy eayto, opws edeiksan ta parapanw paradeigmata, enas allos tomeas 
ston opoio to systrans pragmatika lampei, einai h poihsh. Dhladh, ti ais8hma 
mporei na niwsei kaneis diabazontas to 'Annabel Lee' toy Edgar Allan Poe
sto prwtotypo : 

            For the moon never beams without bringing me dreams
                       Of the beautiful Annabel Lee;
            And the stars never rise but I feel the bright eyes
                       Of the beautiful Annabel Lee;
             And so, all the night-tide, I lie down by the side
              Of my darling- my darling- my life and my bride,
                     In the sepulchre there by the sea,
                      In her tomb by the sounding sea.

kai pws mporei na sygkri8ei ayto me ton oistro, thn psyxh ths metafrashs tou
systrans, poy ektos apo glwssikh metafrash kanei kai pisth poihtikh metataksh
sto kinhma toy yperrealismou : 

	   Για τις ακτίνες φεγγαριών ποτέ χωρίς να φέρει μου τα όνειρα 
			των όμορφων καταφυγίων Annabel 
	Και τα αστέρια δεν αυξάνονται ποτέ αλλά αισθάνομαι τα φωτεινά μάτια 
			των όμορφων καταφυγίων Annabel 
	    Και έτσι, όλη η νύχτα-παλίρροια, ξαπλώνω από την πλευρά 
	    της αγάπης μου - η αγάπη μου - η ζωή μου και η νύφη μου, 
			στον τάφο εκεί από τη θάλασσα, 
		    στον τάφο της από την ηχώντας θάλασσα.

Den 8elw oute na fantastw to systrans na metafrazei Shakespeare. 

Allwste, ayto poy aneka8en eixe plaka me tetoia translators, einai h 
metafrash enos keimenoy apo th glwssa A sth glwssa B, apo th glwssa B sth 
glwssa C, kai ystera apo th glwssa C pisw sth glwssa A. As paroume logou 
xarh apo allo ena apo ta agaphmena moy poihmata, to The Ballad of Reading 
Gaol, toys parakatw sygklonistikous stixous, stous opoioys o Oscar Wilde 
skiagrafei me ekplhktiko tropo ton abastaxto tromo ths mexri paralogismou 
ka8arotaths epignwshs ths epikeimenhs moiras toy katadikasmenou mello8anatou 
ka8ws metraei tis stigmes poy toy apomenoyn sth zwh me to roloi toy opoioy 
'oi mikroi ktypoi hxoun san tromaxtikes sfyries' : 

   And twice a day he smoked his pipe, and drank his quart of beer:
   His soul was resolute, and held no hiding-place for fear;
   He often said that he was glad the hangman's hands were near.

   But why he said so strange a thing, no Warder dared to ask:
   For he to whom a watcher's doom is given as his task,
   Must set a lock upon his lips, and make his face a mask.

   Or else he might be moved, and try to comfort or console:
   And what should Human Pity do pent up in Murderers' Hole?
   What word of grace in such a place could help a brother's soul?

To pername apo diadikasia metafrashs, Agglika - Gallika, Gallika - Germanika, 
Germanika - Agglika, kai katalhgoume se kati poy an diabaze o mello8anatos 
8a parakalouse gonatistos ton dhmio na ton kremasei mia wra arxytera : 

   And it smoked tous les jours twice its line and drank its pint beer: 
   Its heart was decided and did not stop of Hidingplatz for fear; 
   It frequently said that it was hangman the hands was narrowly happy. 

   But, why he said so trangement a thing, none trusted each other of it to require: 
   For him too with which it destiny of Watchers its face a gauge given like its task, 
   must a locking after its lips adjust and forms. 

   Or besides, him and the attempt on comfort or the console could: 
   one shifts, and what would have human Pity pent in Murderers ' made in perforated top? 
   What with the word to seem in a such place could the heart of a brother help?

Christos Ricudis

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