Prince Tamuno Daniels prince.tamuno_daniels at email.com
Mon Aug 12 01:53:00 EEST 2002

Dear Sir,

 Compliments of the day to you and I hope this mail gets to you in
good health. First and foremost, I must introduce myself to you. I am
prince tamuno daniels, the first son of His Royal Highness Late Chief
ogheneovo daniels,the erstwhile ruler of Ogoni land. 

 You might be wondering about the purpose of my sending this mail to you.The reason is not far fetched. As you might have heard over the years, Nigeria being an oil-rich country has numerous multinational oil
prospecting companies operating within her shores. Of all the
numerous oil companies includes Shell Petroleum that operates largely
in our kingdom being one of the richest deposits of crude petroleum
in the country.

 The operation of Shell Petroleum greatly devastated the Ogoni
environment and left the farmlands reduced to rubbish. This led to
numerous uprising by the youths of the land, this culminated into the
killing of some leaders that were thought to be dubious (that was
when my father was killed). The erstwhile military dictator then saw
to the execution of the nine prominent Ogoni leaders that led the
gruesome uprising. This decision was greeted by criticisms from the
entire world.

 But now everything is over and we now have a civilian
government. After the death of my father (His Royal Highness), I
stumbled on some of the documents of my father which happens to be
one of the agreements reached by Shell and four Ogoni leaders with my
father being the head for a compensation to the tune of twenty seven
million United States Dollars (US$27,000,000.00) to the land for the
enormous destruction to the farmlands. After series of deliberations
and consultations, this amount was paid to the community through
their board of trustees headed by my late father.

 The fund was thereafter fraudulently diverted and deposited with a security company in europe to be claimed with a foreign interest
whose particulars was left blank. The reason for this is that my late
father was intended to provide the name of a foreign partner before
his abrupt demise. Consequently, after the death of my father, the
new appointed leader instituted a probe into the affairs of the late
leaders and I made it a point of duty to attend the public hearing of
the committee. To my greatest delight, there was no trace linked to
this money of which I am in possession of the certificate of deposit,
meaning that the community has assumed that the fund must been used
fraudulently and embezzled by the dead men. Since my family is very
much under spotlight, I shall find it very difficult to travel
outside our land, which necessitates me to have a link outside

Therefore going by the above background, I solicit your help to act
as the foreign interest, I shall make available to you the documents
of claim to facilitate the release of the fund to you as the
beneficiary from the security company. The exercise is simple and
straight forward without any difficulties/risks as I have already
opened discussions with the security company as the heir apparent to
the throne of Ogoni land, being the first son of my late father and
also the adjudged next of kin.

 For your troubles and help, you shall be duly compensated with 25% of
the total amount (US$6,750,000.00) while I will be entitled to 75%
US$20,250,000.00) of the fund being the owner of the fund. Should
you be interested in this proposal, please send me an e-mail code
named CONFIDENTIAL on the above address so that I can brief you on
how to proceed.

 Your urgent response would be highly appreciated.

 Thank you.

 Prince Tamuno Daniels.


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