kppp kai provlimata

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Sun Aug 26 23:36:01 EEST 2001

On Sunday 26 August 2001 20:22, Dimitris Gavriilidis wrote:
> >> Geia sas,
> >>
> >> Eimai kainourios xristis gia to Linux kai exw diafora provlimata.


> pppd[1752]: pppd 2.3.11 started by root, uid 0
> pppd[1752]: Perms of /dev/ttyS0 are ok, no 'mesg n' neccesary
> modprobe: modprobe: Can't locate module tty-ldisc-3
> pppd[1752]: ioctl(TIOCSETD): Invalid argument (22)
> pppd[1752]: Exit
> modprobe: modprobe: Can't locate module ppp0

Sto Changes toy kernel leei:

If you build ppp support as modules, you will need the following in
your /etc/modules.conf file:

alias char-major-108    ppp_generic
alias /dev/ppp          ppp_generic
alias tty-ldisc-3       ppp_async
alias tty-ldisc-14      ppp_synctty
alias ppp-compress-21   bsd_comp
alias ppp-compress-24   ppp_deflate
alias ppp-compress-26   ppp_deflate

Mallon ayto einai poy den ekanes..


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