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Wed Aug 23 14:00:29 EEST 2000

Navigator wrote:
> Hello, boys and girls.
> Exw mia erwthsoula...
> H sta8erh ekdosh tou 2.4 pote 8a ekdo8ei? Briskomaste hdh sthn test-6,
> asxeta me to ti leei to ;-) .

Afto mono o Linus to 3erei ;-)

> Epishs, apo pleyras epidosewn, pws 8a phgainei se low-end mhxanhmata
> (p.x. i386, i486, Pentium me 8MB, 8MB kai 32MB RAM antistoixa)? 8a
> sernetai, 'h 8a phgainei opws phgainoun kai oi 2.2.* pyrhnes?

... One frequently asked question about Linux 2.4 is how much memory it will
require. Many operating systems seem to require more and more memory and
resources as they mature, but Linux 2.4 will largely buck that trend by actually
requiring less memory in certain situations. Of course, Linux 2.4 includes much
more functionality than does Linux 2.2 and many of these features do take up
space so your mileage many vary. (Remember that most kernel components
can be disabled at compile-time, unlike many other operating systems.) ...

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