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Tue Nov 17 06:22:13 EET 1998

Kwstas Zagoris wrote in message <005c01be11aa$f93894e0$ebf05cc1 at deathman>...

>>Gia autous pou den to 3eroun, bgike o kernel 2.0.26
>>Ua ton brite sta klassika sites :)))
>UOOOPPSSSSSSSSSSS 2.0.36 ....o daimonas tou mail :))

...kai gia osoys den diabazoyn thn linux.kernel (amesws na dei3w kai gw oti
thn diabazw, poy prwth fora shmera to prwi thn prwtoeida sth zwh moy) na kai
h sxetikh anakoinwsh toy Lainas:

Is out there.

I won't claim any false credit for this: all the 2.0.x work was done by
Alan Cox as the maintainer, and the 2.0.36 that is out there is exactly
the same as Alan's "pre-22" version that he asked people to check out. He
just asked me to "sprinkle some holy penguin-pee on it" to bless it and
make it official. This I have done (*).

2.0.36 is a lot of updates, mostly to various drivers. ISDN, various SCSI
drivers and network cards have been updated quite heavily. ISDN to the
degree that you need to make sure you have the most recent tools in order
to play well with it.

Have fun,


(*) This, btw, is not something I would suggest you do in your living
room. Getting a penguin to pee on demand is _messy_. We're talking yellow
spots on the walls, on the ceiling, yea verily even behind the fridge.

However. I would also advice against doing this outside - it may be a lot
easier to clean up, but you're likely to get reported and arrested for
public lewdness. Never mind that you had a perfectly good explanation for
it all.

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