X-ISP v2.0; X11 visual I/F for chat/pppd

Dimitrios P. Bouras dbouras at hol.gr
Wed Jun 4 11:04:02 EEST 1997


  Greetings to all,

  This is to announce the release of xisp version 2.0, an X11 visual
 interface to pppd/chat, in other words, an X11 dialup networking
 tool for Linux. The .lsm entry is included below. Everything is in
 sunsite.unc.edu:/incoming/Linux and argeas.argos.hol.gr:/incoming
 right now but it should appear in the proper locations shortly.
 To compile this latest version you need version 0.86 of xforms.
 If you want to check out the features/capabilities of xisp on the
 web, please visit http://users.hol.gr/~dbouras.

 Changes/fixes since version 1.9:

  - Finished a "resource-control' code module which reads and writes
    editable ASCII .xisprc files. This was the first (and most tedious)
    step towards porting xisp to other architectures (SunOS 4.1.x is my
    first candidate :))
  - Updated xisprccv to understand both the binary format employed up to
    and including version 1.9, as well as ASCII formats used by version
    2.0 and onwards.
  - Added code to xisp for call-back connections and modified xispdial
    to support it. Also added separate scripting capability for the
    call-back phase. Thanks go to Doron Shikmoni <P85025 at VM.BIU.AC.IL>
    for all the time he spent testing this feature, as well as his
    helpful feedback.
  - Added Raphael Wegmann's new "spinning earth" color animation icons.
  - Modified "Communication Options" and "TCP/IP Options" forms, adding
    the pppd escape switch and turning pppd escape off by default, and
    adding the ip-up/ip-down support selector, respectively.
  - Changed default color to my favorite, matching the screenshots in
    the X-ISP web-page (http://users.hol.gr/~dbouras). If you like the
    old default color, get it with "-bgcol #c3505f".
  - Inserted Raphael Wegmann's patches for ip-up support. Edited the
    code, generalizing it to work with ip-down also. Added ipparam
    on the list of pppd calling options, passing it a string containing
    the user account name and the ISP description.
  - Wrote skeleton scripts for ip-up and ip-down, demonstrating use of
    key environment variables and ISP-specific command sections.
  - Changed maximum telephone number length to 32 from 16, making it
    consistent with the README file (I had planned to do this somewhere
    around version 1.6 but forgot...)
  - Added intelligence to the hardware/software flow control selection
    which now automatically suggests a value for the asyncmap parameter.
  - Fixed -bgcol bug when no color was specified. Thanks to Raphael
    Wegmann for pointing this out.
  - Fixed manual login not working without specifying account/password.
    Also changed xispdial to accept null account and/or password.
    Thanks go to Doron Shikmoni for reporting this problem with
  - Fixed accidental activation of Options Menu at end of IP address
    selection routine. Boy, this was a silly one indeed :)

 For more detailed information please refer to the documentation files
 in the distribution. Please send bug reports/enhancements/suggestions
 to dbouras at hol.gr.

 With greetings from sunny Athens, Greece,


|  Dimitrios P. Bouras   |           Tel.: +30 1 894-1320 or 968-0554  |
|  41 Pandora Str.       |   FAX: +30 1 382-7900 "Attention: Dimitri"  |
|  166 74 Athens         |  E-mail: dbouras at hol.gr, dimitri at ee.ubc.ca  |
|  GREECE                |          Web: http://users.hol.gr/~dbouras  |

Title:          X-ISP, an X11 visual interface to pppd/chat.
Version:        June 4 1997
Entered-date:   Wed Jun  4 10:45:51 EET DST 1997
Description:    X-ISP is an X11 and XForms based visual
                interface to pppd and chat, implementing a
                dialup networking tool for Linux. Currently
                it only supports PPP type connections. To
                build it you need XForms-0.86 or later, and
                if you don't have it already, libXpm 3.4f or
                later. Information on where to get XForms
                is included in the distribution.
Keywords:       PPP, X11, X11R6, XForms
Author:         dbouras at hol.gr (Dimitrios P. Bouras)
Maintained-by:  dbouras at hol.gr (Dimitrios P. Bouras)
Primary-site:   sunsite.unc.edu /pub/Linux/system/network/serial
                81.7k xisp-2.0.tar.gz
Alternate-site: argeas.argos.hol.gr /pub/unix/linux
                81.7k xisp-2.0.tar.gz
Platform:       Linux
Copying-policy: GNU GPL
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