Ellinika 437 & Kernels 2.x

lonewolf at athena.compulink.gr lonewolf at athena.compulink.gr
Mon Feb 17 20:24:13 EET 1997

	Prin apo ligo kairo eixa steilei ena message stin
linux-kernel at vger.rutgers.edu mailing list gia to problima mas
me ta ellinika 437 ka idiaitera me to mikro delta, afto poy pira
(ektos apo ena ateleioto digest, never subsdribe unless you mean it!)
itan to akoloy8o message, den ksero an o typos einai o ipeftinos alla
sigoyra o monos poy apantise, oi alloi apla me ftisane...

	Apo tin alli exo kanei dyo patchakia gia ton 2.0.29 kai
ton 2.0.26 (diff) ama 8elete na ta steilo...

> > 	Maybe they are usefull on other people but they mess up
> > with the Hellenic language since the 128+27 character is the small
> > delta, so this causes problems to all the users down here.  If you can
> > alter it in the next releases, it will be of great convinience so we will
> > not have to comment out these lines every time we get a new kernel.
> This was discussed over two months ago, and is not a kernel problem.
> 0x9b is commonly used as a one-character equivalent of ESC [, and it
> makes much more sense for Linux to support that meaning instead of
> your particular encoding.  ISO 8859-7 (also known as ISO IR 126, ELOT
> 928, and ECMA 118) is an international standard, contains both the
> Roman and the Greek alphabets (including Greek letters with
> diacriticals) and leaves 0x9b free to be used as CSI.  What's more,
> the kbd package appears to support this character set already,
> including the fonts iso07.f* and the keyboard map gr.map.
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