[I18NGR] openoffice draw/calc/etc

Dimitris Glezos dimitris at glezos.com
Fri Jun 9 16:02:01 EEST 2006

Dimitrios 'sehh' Michelinakis wrote:
> Paratirisa stin metafrasi tou fedora (redhat-menus/el.po) kapia
> ametafrasta kimenakia opos:
> OpenOffice.org Calc
> OpenOffice.org Draw
> OpenOffice.org Impress
> OpenOffice.org Math
> OpenOffice.org Writer
> eno afto ine metafrasmeno os:
> OpenOffice.org Repair = Επιδιόρθωση OpenOffice.org
> mipos prepi na ta metafrasoume ola? (OpenOffice.org Ζωγραφική, etc)

Κατ' εμέ, όχι, γιατί είναι τα ονόματα των εφαρμογών..

Dimitris Glezos
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"He who gives up functionality for ease of use
loses both and deserves neither." (Anonymous)

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