Scribus: translators wanted

Maciej Hanski ma_han2000 at
Wed Oct 6 16:18:43 EEST 2004

I'm an enthusiastic user and the Polish translator of Scribus , the Open Source DTP application. I've noticed, that
Scribus GUI hasn't yet been translated into Greek (see
translation statistics for more: ).

The Scribus team is going to release a bugfix release 1.2.1 in not a
very distant future, it would be nice, if it could contain a GUI
translation for your language, too.

If anybody is interested, please:

1. join the Scribus mailing list and let the
Scribus team know, that you are going to translate

2. Read this very easy to follow translation howto:

3. Submit your translated files to

4. If you prefere IRC, an IRC channel #scribus on is
quite active

Looking forward to seeing Scribus in your language
Maciej Hanski

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