t'ono with kde3 and french locale

Panayotis Katsaloulis panayotis at panayotis.com
Thu Oct 16 01:11:34 EEST 2003

Στις Πεμ 16 Οκτ 2003 01:06, ο/η Henri-Paul Coulon έγραψε:
> I just install SuSE 8.2 with kde 3.1
> I cant get accents with the greek keyboard.
> I don't know if it is important but I want to keep my LOCALE in french
> I tried export GTK_IM_MODULE=xim in ~/.bashrc
> Thank you for answer !
> HP

I don't know about SuSE 8.2
What I can tell you is that if you use a unicode locale (something like 
fr_FR.UTF-8) you are able to write in any possible language - including 

My being refuses to be hooked up on a line.

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