New translation disclaimers

Karl Eichwalder ke at
Tue Jan 14 07:20:39 EET 2003


The Free Software Foundation has received more translation disclaimers.
Please check below if the transcription is accurate.  Ensure your name and
electronic mail address is written the same way you intend to do it in the PO
files you produce.  Please also check that the team, between square brackets,
is properly identified.  mailto:translation at for reporting any
error.  Also use this address for sending any pending PO file you might have.
If you happen to have a home Web page, please send me the URL, as I now
maintain this information as well in the Translation Project registry.

> TRANSLATIONS	Lefteris Dimitroulakis	2002-10-16
> Disclaimer.  [el]
> edmitro at

This letter is also sent to your translating team, for informing the team
members of the arrival of your disclaimer, and also as a cross-check for the
electronic mail address, augmenting the chances this letter reaches you.

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