[l10n-dev] Fw: Greek problems with Openoffice

Simos Xenitellis simos74 at gmx.net
Tue May 28 14:07:11 EEST 2002

	I have tried the Greek Linux version of OpenOffice (that comes from
http://office.qkaka.com) and is available from many mirrors and I found
out that it indeed crashes when you try to run it coredumps. Also the
Windows version does not run and I believe it's related to the DLL you
	I tried quite a bit to diagnose the problem but did not manage to
identify the source of the segmentation fault.
	I have filed a issuezilla bug report, available at

Την Τρι, 28-05-2002 στις 05:07, ο/η H.Z έγραψε:
> Hi guys,
> Fw this mail to l10n talking about problem with Greek version.
> Hi, 
> This e-mail is about pointing out some problems with the Greek version
> of openoffice.
> 1. On the windows version when starting openoffice error message says
> something gone wrong with TL641MI.DLL and craches.
> (I fixed that by replaysing the folder "resourses" from an English
> installation.
> 2. fonts are not displaying Ok during the isntallation.Not all fonts
> just the bold ones in the middle of the screen saying something about
> calc writer e.tc.

Yes, while installing OO it shows a box in the middle of the window that
describes each of the components of the software. 
(this screenshot is from OO .633. The fonts at the sidebar appear ok in
OO 1.0. The description in the middle still appear as in the screenshot.

> 3. fonts in the submenu "Create" and "Autopilot" do not display OK.(Same
> problem as in 2.)
> 4. Some strings are in German and some other in English. During the
> installatoion as well as in the main program.

I do not have a screenshot yet.

Simos Xenitellis

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