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Simos Xenitellis simos at hellug.gr
Sun Aug 11 14:10:26 EEST 2002

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-----Προωθημένο Μήνυμα-----

From: Translation Project Robot <translation at IRO.UMontreal.CA>
To: simos at hellug.gr
Subject: TP-Robot textutils-2.1.el.po [ACCEPTED]
Date: 11 Aug 2002 06:33:18 -0400

Hi!  I am the service robot at the Translation Project, and was awakened
by your submission for `textutils-2.1.el.po'.

Merely for your information, let me share with you what the `msgfmt'
program has to say about your submitted PO file:

>    256 translated messages, 74 fuzzy translations, 134 untranslated messages.

We are trying to reach a consistent presentation for PO files in the
Translation Project, over all textual domains and native languages.
As a robot, I contribute my good share towards this goal, and so, I
made the following modifications to your invoice.  You might feel like
accepting to do the same thing on your side; if you decide to do so,
let me suggest that you try the nice `patch' utility.

The `msgmerge' program which is used for making distributions does not
produce canonical files, and until this gets corrected, you should rather
grab your PO files directly from the Translation Project, as these are now
always made canonical.  If you do not, the following set of `unidiffs'
might get irritably longish.  Please also note that you do not _ought_
to make such modifications, as I will continue doing them patiently and
automatically, here.  This message continues after the (maybe long) quote.

--- textutils-2.1.el.po~
+++ textutils-2.1.el.po
@@ -12,254 +12,288 @@
 "MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
 "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-7\n"
 "Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8-bit\n"
-# File: lib/argmatch.c, line: 161
+#: lib/argmatch.c:161
 #, c-format
 msgid "invalid argument %s for %s"
 msgstr "μη έγκυρο όρισμα %s για %s"
-# File: lib/argmatch.c, line: 162
+#: lib/argmatch.c:162
 #, c-format
 msgid "ambiguous argument %s for %s"
 msgstr "ασαφές όρισμα %s για %s"
-# File: lib/argmatch.c, line: 181
+#: lib/argmatch.c:181
 msgid "Valid arguments are:"
 msgstr "Έγκυρα ορίσματα είναι:"
-# File: lib/c-stack.c, line: 368
+#: lib/c-stack.c:368
 msgid "program error"
 msgstr "σφάλμα προγράμματος"
-# File: lib/c-stack.c, line: 369
+#: lib/c-stack.c:369
 msgid "stack overflow"
 msgstr "υπερχείλιση στοίβας"
-# File: lib/closeout.c, line: 107
-# File: src/cat.c, line: 186
-# File: src/cat.c, line: 267
-# File: src/cat.c, line: 320
-# File: src/cksum.c, line: 267
-# File: src/head.c, line: 152
-# File: src/head.c, line: 195
-# File: src/tail.c, line: 327
-# File: src/tail.c, line: 1651
-# File: src/tr.c, line: 1667

Merely for your information, let me share with you what the `msgfmt'
program has to say about your submitted PO file:

>    226 translated messages, 55 fuzzy translations, 134 untranslated messages.

Your file has been accepted and uploaded into the archives:
congratulations!  Whenever the maintainer of `textutils' will communicate
a new PO Template file to the Translation Project, the translation you
just achieved will probably require revision.  Your team will then be
notified of the URL of the PO file to revise, with a quick evaluation
of the extent of the work needed.

To speed things up, I could send you updated copies of this PO file
by email, whenever I upload new PO Template files for it.  If you
are interested in this service, you may register by emailing to the
translation coordinator.

                                The Translation Project robot, in the
                                name of your kind translation coordinator.
                                mailto:translation at iro.umontreal.ca

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