Possible error in GNOME/Graphis while showing Greek fonts

simos at pc96.ma.rhbnc.ac.uk simos at pc96.ma.rhbnc.ac.uk
Sat Oct 21 17:19:39 EEST 2000

To parakatw gramma to esteila sto gnome-i18n/syggrafeis tou Graphis.
Ostoso, den exei bre8ei lisi akoma.
Mporei kapoios na elegjei an to problima ontos parousiazete sto diko tou
sistima. 8a itan poly xrisimo an gia kapoia riumisi sistimatos GNOME den



	There are some small errors in the display of Greek fonts
in GNOME (latest version, HelixGNOME). The error was there for quite 
a long time.

	To exhibit (.jpg), visit


It could be either problems with the fonts or with GNOME.
The problem is that sometimes GNOME (gtk?) cannot calculate correctly the
width of the string and it chops it prematurely (1 or 2 characters).

These fonts can be found at http://graphis.hellug.gr and 
they are included in all popular distributions of Linux as
*ISO-8859-7*.rpm packages.

Problem encountered with:
(changing the font size did not eliminate the error)

Works ok with these Greek fonts:

Could you give me some insight whether it's a problem with the fonts or
GNOME or both?

Simos Xenitellis

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