SFD Summit 2012 in Athens

Nikos Roussos nikos at roussos.cc
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Επικοινώνησαν μαζί μου από το Digital Freedom International, που
διοργανώνει κάθε Σεπτέμβρη το Software Freedom Day, καθώς φέτος έχουν
πρόθεση για ένα μεγάλο συνέδριο λίγες μέρες μετά το SFD και εξετάζουν το
ενδεχόμενο να γίνει το 1ο φετινό event στην Αθήνα.
Δείτε σχετικά: http://wiki.softwarefreedomday.org/SfdSummit

Κάνω cc το board ώστε να έχουμε και την επίσημη στήριξη του Hellug (και
αρκετή βοήθεια στα logistics με πιθανούς χορηγούς, κλπ), αλλά στέλνω το
mail απευθείας στη λίστα για να δούμε αν υπάρχει ενδιαφέρον καθώς
σίγουρα θα χρειαστεί αρκετό τρέξιμο για τα οργανωτικά.

Μερικά bits της επικοινωνίας:

We are even thinking of a MAXI conference ;-). The idea is to fly in
'famous' people from the international Free Software community. This is
something we would discuss together and agree on. For example we could
agree to have RMS, Laurence Lessig and someone from the Arduino project
fly in (just as an example). Hopefully this would attract attention and
draw more visitors to the event. Do you think it's possible to get a
venue from a University?

When I say MAXI conference I am of course joking a little. I think we
are targeting maybe 3-400 people for the 1st day (or the first 2 days
depending on what happens). Then the last days would be reserved to
discuss DFI matters, what we are doing and how to improve. There
shouldn't be so many people attending and we could definitely do that in
your hackerspace.

So yes we can handle all the speakers arrangement, but should there be
any local ones you would be the one who knows who to invite. Also we
would handle all international sponsorship matters but would again need
help with the local ones.

And then one last thing would probably be to look for volunteers to help
with the conference on the day. Things like
reception/registration/badges distribution/proper signage and maybe
water for speakers, orientation for people who are looking for
'something', those kind of things.

Nikos Roussos
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