PPC_T / Farkadona project at AAO exhibition, Benaki museum, 6.6 - 31.7.2011

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Mon Jun 6 12:00:20 EEST 2011

*PPC_T / Farkadona project at AAO exhibition*

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Post Programmed City_Territory:* *PPC_T/Farkadona is an interdisciplinary,
self-administrated collaborative project. It consists of a series of
cultural activities, workshops, devices of interaction with territory and
public events. Moreover, it focuses primarily on Emergency Case Situations
as seen at the settlement of the repatriated community of Greek-Pontians
from the former Soviet Union in Farkadona, in the district of Trikala,

The settlement was created in the early 90s as a result of a state policy of
peripheral dispersion of refugees in organized camps and units.  Nineteen
years after their rehabilitation the residents of the community still live
under conditions of degradation, ghettoization and "exception".

Based on the significance of territory as a "reception" of human activity,
PPC_T/Farkadona examines the ways in which the marginalized community can be
rehabilitated and incorporated in the existing landscape, the local society
and in the economic, cultural and political life.

*Participatory Devices and Processes of Auto-organization*

PPC_T/Farkadona as social practice incorporates art and cultural strategies
such as urban interventions, interactive media, guerrilla architectural
transformations of existing spaces, project-based community practices and
service dispersals. It cultivates a network of fellow practitioners and
supporting institutions.

This social practice concentration focuses on questions of participation,
auto-organisation, free knowledge, autonomous zones, aesthetics,
collaboration, persona, media strategies, new ways of production and
distributions of cultural products, and activism that cross into real-life
social situations and institutions.

These varied forms of public engagement are linked critically through
theories of social formation, pluralism, relational art, and "radical
democracy". Architects, artists, networking producers, cultural operators
working in these modalities either choose to co-create their works with the
specific audience of local community, or propose critical interventions
within existing social systems that inspire debate or catalyze social

PPC_T's field-based model immerses all participants in critical discourses
and provides them with specific context and opportunities for creation.
Central to the social practice concentration are the workshops which are
based on diverse creative processes including urban environment, formal and
informal organizations, new forms and networks of cultural production and
distribution. The workshops are structured around participatory devices,
group discussions and individual meetings, all leading to the creation of
collective cultural projects and to the critique of finished products. This
environment forms the basis of a dialog-centred creative process, serving as
a meeting room, a place for research, and a site for production.

The above description demonstrates that PPCT/Farkadona has the intention to
fight against social degradation, isolation and ghettoization and reduce
unemployment through a series of cultural practices. This framework provides
the political relevance of the project and interacts with similar projects
as AAO.
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