Stop microsoft now!!!

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Thu Jul 19 05:06:38 EEST 2007

Mou eftase ayto to e-mail kai leei..o apostoleas na to doun osoi pio poloi
ginetai kai fisika na ginei mazikh apostolh se filoys kai

Stop Microsoft(c) Now !

Few questions.......

   1. Why you must pay Microsoft(c) for the Windows opatating system at any
   computer that you buy ?
   2. Why you must pay Microsoft(c) for any stupid update ?
   3. Why you must pay Microsoft(c) for a certificate on the Microsoft
   Office suite if you want to work in the E.U ?
   4. Why you must have the latest hardware if you want to have a
   Microsoft(c) working PC ?
   5. Why Microsoft(c) don't let you know that the close source programs
   (binary progams) are dangerous for your privacy ?
   6. Are you sure that one day everything that you have on your PC will
   not be Microsoft(c) certificated (and payed) ?
   7. Is only a case that Microsoft(c) is a U.S.A company ? How is  behind
   Microsoft(c) ?
   8. Why Microsoft(c) have more that the 85% of the Operating System
   market ?
   9. Are you sure that Microsoft(c) serves democracy ?
   10. Why Open Source  is the No1 enemy of  Microsoft (c) ?

Knowledge is power. Don't let them manipulate you. Just reflect.

Stop Microsoft(c) Now ! Stop Microsoft(c) Now ! Stop Microsoft(c) Now !

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