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Thu Jul 5 10:42:30 EEST 2007

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Άπο την εξωτερική λίστα του LBW είδα αυτό:
My project for the last few days has been :

This was prompted by Wikipedia being impossible to use on my Treo
because the page layout assumes you have a large screen.  This cuts out
most of the rubbish surrounding the article, and also gets rid of
editing, history, some pointless graphics, and so on.

I'm also finding it useful on a desktop because, without all the images
and the complex page layout, pages load faster.

So, have at it!  Tell everyone!  Report bugs!

I don't care how much traffic it gets, cos it's hosted somewhere where
get all the bits I can eat for a pittance.

ObPerl: it's done with LWP and mod_perl.  mod_perl was its usual
  self and was a pain in the arse to build.

ObLinux: it's done on Linux!  I was shocked when Debian didn't shit its
  pants when I dist-upgraded from 3.1 to 4.0!


David Cantrell | London Perl Mongers Deputy Chief Heretic

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